Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring has sprung

Daffs 1 The sun is shining , the morning mists have faded, that daffs are bobbing their heads, single or double, in the slight breeze.


The fish in the pond are starting to stir, the sparrows and pigeons still enjoying their food that is put out for them on a regular basis. The spuds have been put into their trays to start chitting, before I venture round to prepare the weed riddle ground at my parents for the veg plot. The idea of rotovating and digging does fill me with trepidation. I do not mind the planting and the picking......its just the drudgery that fills me with dread.

Xmas rose 

The problem is that that this spring fell is due for this week, but then due to get cooler, by 10 degrees by all accounts. So the dilemma is whether to get things started or hold fire till the ground warms properly. Even the Xmas Roses are blooming well, just hope the forthcoming frost doesn't blight them.


But for the time being all is happy in the garden. Even the odd bee is buzzing round already. So for the moment I will just sit back and enjoy it while the going is good. So the graft can wait for another day!!!

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