Monday, 16 March 2009

Well so much for relaxing! NOT!

Well there was me boasting the benefits of sitting back enjoying the spring like weather and putting off till later doing the rotovating! So much for commitment!

In the end I decided to bite the bullet, put my shoes on and go round to the parents! The veg plot was looking yearningly at me, pleading for some help and a bit of tender loving care. So the rotovator came out of the garage, the extension lead plugged in and I get set. The trepidation was not fun. Everything is set up. All ready for the off!

OK here goes. Holding a handle in each hand, I press the safety release button and apply pressure to the switch. It burst into life. The blades rotating at a fast speed. I pushed them into the hard, weed ridden, stone filled soil. Soil splashed out from the front as the blades worked their way down. Hey this wasn't that bad. Ok, I'm not used to manual labour, but this was quite effortless.

Strange how appearances can be deceptive!!! After two and a half hours of going up and down and then across, I finished. Ouch!! My hands stayed clenched in the same position as they were whilst holding on. And I fear that tomorrow there may be blisters!! Have been told to piss on them. Funny I don't need a wee now!!

But there in front of me was a completely rotovated veg plot. Fresh dark coloured soil, calling for seeds to be inserted into it. Just a couple more weeks and the planting will start in ernest. Just a bit of raking to be done and then all set.

Well bath and a soak methinks!!!

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