Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Went for bloods today.........fasting lipids, amongst a total of six vials, And oh, the nurse was, how can I put it.......not exactly delicate when inserting the needle into my prominant vein in my right arm. Unusual...they are usually very good. Can see I will have a nice big bruise coming up there.
I sat there chatting with the nurse, her talking about having forgotten to phone her daughter to make sure she ahd got up to go to school in time and other everyday non-descript things......and MY life blood squirting into these small glass vials. Not one, not two, three, four, but five vials. To top that the nurse was applying pressure to the needle that was digging deeper into my vein.
And all before breakfast too!! All I was thinking of was getting home and having my first cuppa of the day.......and boy.....I don't kickstart till I have had that. So blood out of one hole, and a cuppa going into another! Hey ho!

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